We don't have the car in or coming to stock that satisfies your wishes? We'll search the right car for you, whether it is a project or completed one!

When the cars presented on this website don't satisfy your wishes, we give you the oppertunity to go through your wishes in a personal conversation. This way we'll get a clear image of your wishes and we can search together for the right car.

It is also possible to let us search the right project car for you or to let us build your own project. Here we'll also try to satisfy your wishes as good as possible. When needed we'll also be able to provide you with parts for every single car.

When you want us to search for a car / project, we'll provide the final prices (until deliver) in advance, so you won't get any surprises concerning the price. When we have to build a project, the prices can change due to changes of mind. However we'll try to provide you with the best information we have. To use this possibility, you can contact us using the following e-mail address: info@mdspecialcars.nl.

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